Monday, August 13, 2007

Inaugural Posting

Sometimes I like the pictures I take and I want to remember why I liked them. It might be a fleeting moment. I am shy about posting my pictures publicly as I know they are not technically perfect, but if they elicit emotion from me, then I am happy. I take pictures for myself.

I enjoy taking pictures of our animules, so amongst the hard core photography crowd, one of my favorite subjects is de rigeur...

This picture is of our newest cat (kitten) who literally jumped out of the gutter and into my arms. Moe (as in one Mo' kitty) is quite the devil amongst our menagerie of two dogs and two other cats. He has provided new poses for my collection.. The smallness of this space doesn't do this picture all the justice it deserves. I love the detail in the eyes, fur and tongue.

Unless asked, I won't get into what I shoot with. It's about the picture, not the gear. And for those who know about this stuff, I usually don't strip my exif info.
Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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