Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sailin Shoes..

Looking at this photo brings to mind the Little Feat song Sailin' Shoes..
"You've got to put on your sailin shoes
Put on your sailing shoes
Everyone will start to cheer
When you put on your sailin' shoes" - We're cheering.. fur sure.. So.. We have been out on dear GullyWhumperII several times now and it keeps getting better each time. We get more comfortable... make that I get more comfortable each time. Cap'n Steve is definitely the OLD salt. He's not known for his patience, and I have tried it on occasion, but we both have pretty big grins by the end of the sail. Wouldn't you know , November and December had perfect sailing weather, we buy a boat the beginning of January and old man winter comes to visit Florida..Who knew there could be too much wind?..Wait we have a home in Hurricane Country, let me explain. When you're a green horn like me, too much wind means 15-20mph... mix that with a little cool weather, and a few rainy days (not to mention I DO work a little bit - don't faint..) and poof, there blows the planned sail, as fast as the wind can take it. (I foresee many puns and metaphors with this sailing talk) I am getting more comfortable doing the basic tasks of raising and lowering the mainsail and jib and do okay with the trimming of sails. I can even sail a bit. (do you really have to walk before you sail?) Where I really seem to need help and the Cap'n loses his patience is pointing the boat straight into the wind and keeping it there. That is Sailing's equivalent to treading water. You want the boat to chill... just hang out .. trouble is the wind likes to push you around (imagine that?) and I invariably push back the wrong way and "we lose it"... AAAARGG - .. I better watch out or I might have to turn in 'my sailin' shoes'..

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