Thursday, May 15, 2008

Long Overdue Guest Quarters

I know I have said to all, "I will put some pics up of the garage" and I haven't done it.. I don't know why I haven't done this. I can seem to get pics up of everything else but this ongoing project... For those who aren't familiar (is there anyone in my circle of family and friends who isn't familiar with this saga?) we built a 3 bay garage in 2003 with a 2/1 living area above. Here's the basic layout..
This has been Cap'n Steve's project since the beginning, per his wishes.. When I married him, I had no idea he was more than handy. He may have kept that to himself as he knew I had a rather difficult situation with home building BS (BS is Before Steve - but you could insert the other more common vernacular here also). So finally , the end is in sight. Of course he said that last year.. but his timetable does not exist to match my desires. plus I am worried when he finishes...what will he do??? Where will he go? I just hope it's not in my hair...
Anyway - thought I would give you a little peek of what is to come...

The Kitchen - in all of it's beginning glory..

This is how we left it last Winter..

And Cap'n Steve is putting on the finishing touches.. Here are a couple - wooden handles/knobs he bent and carved himself, taken from trees here on the property. He really does a nice job on these..

Next post will be the bathroom...stay tuned - hopefully the grand unveiling will be within a month or so.. just in time for a visit from Chris and a special someone... I can't wait..

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The Jillybean said...

Wow! I think he needs to come and visit my house.