Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baseball in the Rain

Well it's a suprise that the Braves and the Phillies got their spring training game in.. My dad and I thought we would mix it up a bit this year and I got tickets for here in Clearwater (Phillies spring training home)- it was a very wet day.. built for water foul (pun intended!) - daddy and I had fab seats - go figure.. I left both cameras in the car - but he brought his - so I shot a few.. and he shot a couple of me... Daddy is trying his halloween costume for next year - a vision in orange, don't ya know..

I am modeling my new extravagant purchase - A tilley hat - those who know me and know I love to shop the thrift stores, you will be surprised I forked over the buckaroos for this lovely piece of head wear. I did it for sailing and because I do love to wear a hat and ball caps just don't have the allure to me they once did. For those who don't know about Tilley's - they were originally designed by some guy for sailing - they float, they are fitted to your head, they are washable, crushable and come with a guarantee.. these hats are 'da bomb... I know I can't believe I paid this for a hat - but it will be worn a lot - from mowing at the cabin to sailing in the Gulf.. and everything in between..

Oh yeah - this is a post about baseball in the rain.. here are a few shots...These were taken with my Dad's Canon S2IS - nice little camera except can't go more than 400 on the ISO (at least that I could figure out) Shot on manual -
I post processed this shot - I really like it - I think it looks like a classic old style baseball picture.. Baseball really is timeless. When you look at the photographs - pros or kids - they could be just about from any year - sometimes the crowd shots look a bit dated - but only slightly - as a background - they don't change. Wood Bats, Baseball stands - the game - a nice constant in a world that prides itself on moving all of the time...

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