Monday, March 31, 2008

Our Old Dog(s)

We're going through some difficult times with our dogs these past few years. They have aged and are passing on leaving us with fond memories and holes in our hearts. When the animals come into our home, it's never with the thought that they will exit in somewhat the same succession as they came in, but they do. First it was Tucker, the best dog in the world, who left us at age 16, close to 4 years ago, then Bogey, who at 16 departed (after hanging on to three and 1/2 legs for 3 years).. gosh it's been 15 months now. The remaining dogs, Lass, the camera shy BC is 15 or 16 - I can never remember exactly unless I look at her papers, and Mattie - who is now 11. Lass pretty much spends all day sleeping now. She's an "under" dog - prefers to sleep under things if she can. The sign of a true old dog is sleeping all the time. She still loves her dinner and her treats of which we now freely give her. When we first came to Florida, for the winter,4 years ago, she would easily walk a couple of miles every Sunday with us to get the Sunday paper. Now she barely walks the shortened walks we call poop and pee.. The winters down here have been a godsend for her. We are convinced it has prolonged her life along with arthritis drugs. The vets all gush what great shape she is in for an old dog, but we see a marked deterioration this season. Lass, Kiki and Squeek are getting ready for the journey back up to the cabin on Saturday. Cap'n Steve left this past Saturday with Mattie and Mo. It's getting tougher for her to ride in the car the 9+ hour trip. I hate this part.The deterioration. I love these animals so much. I can take comfort that we provide a loving home for them and can afford luxuries like top notch vet care and winter homes, but the human I am, I want the things I can't give them, unlimited time with good health.

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