Thursday, June 12, 2008

Guest Quarters - Another Peak

Finally making good on some more pics of the guest quarters. Here are a few of the bathroom. I know, how exciting. Between vacuum cleaner posts and bathrooms, it's a wonder I have friends and family left reading my dribble...

Okay, this is pretty much the bathroom in all its' glory..Cap'n Steve did some nice first time work in here.. the tile, the cabinets and the frame around the mirror. I have a decorating problem with the slanted wall - which also is at the other end of the living space (kitchen/dining area). I think I will be able to deal with it - I have a few ideas. But remember, I am decoratingly challenged.

Also this space is not so cramped like you see in a lot of suites. I remember all of the B&B's we have stayed in and many of them had bathrooms you could hardly turn around in. Not to mention most EU baths.. eeeeuuuuwwww. We do have lots of cabinet space in here and in the suite itself. I will answer the inevitable question of "Why do you have so much cabinet space?" at a later date.

I thought Cap'n Steve did a very nice job with the mirror frame. I am going to get him to make some frames for some of my photographs, once he finishes this project. Heaven knows I don't want to impede progress. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

So there are a few things left, which the Cap'n will be making; like towel holders and a tp holder from tree branches... but we are pretty good to go here.

Here's a shot of a couple of closet doors and some latches that Cap'n Steve designed. The handle of the latch is carved from tree branches... He's really good at that kind of thing.. who knew?..I hope when he is done with this project, he will fix the bifold closet doors in the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms of the cabin..let's see we have been in the cabin for 9 years now?

Sorry I didn't have the appropriate lens on to shoot the handle/latches but you can get an idea..

Also I have an update on the kitchen. Many of you know I decided to do curtains for most of the lower cabinets instead of doors... I think it will turn out okay. We have branches for rods.. and here's my first stab.. they aren't hemmed and completely pressed, but they give a pretty good idea...Also something funky with the color here - but it's late and I am not in the mood to mess around with the photos.

And a pic with the curtain/door open:

And two final pics of the kitchen as it is today.. Steve will start the tile next week..