Friday, June 20, 2008

What do these two have in common this summer?

And as you are pondering this little teaser.. I will take a minute and editorialize a bit.. I will unveil the answer next Wednesday...

This is not just a post about golf or sports in general, but if you don't want to continue reading , I understand. Feel free to go on to something you find much more interesting than my dribble.. my feelings won't be hurt - I promise.. but please do come back.. I will miss you if you don't!

Okay - if you didn't see any of the last two rounds or the playoff round of the US Open (for Golf)- you missed an outstanding show of competitiveness, perseverance, skill, determination, and CLASS on both Tiger and Rocco's parts... it was one of the great sports moments I have ever watched - especially the playoff round. My hat's off to Rocco Mediate, and I am sorry that he lost, but if he had to lose to someone, in the fashion that he did, I am sure he must be satisfied that it was to Tiger Woods..In this day and age, I watch the world with jaded glasses. This is something that comes with age as I remember clearly being 20 something and optimistic. I am not pessimistic mind you, but I am dubious of most everything. Sports stars are paid too much, whine too loud, and overall just not the role models that people make them out to be. Well these two men make me believe there is a Santa Claus, at least in sports figures. I can remember watching a few events like this. Curt Schilling in game 2 of the 2004 World Series - BoSox vs Cardinals

and Keri Strug in the 1996 Olympics - which I was fortunate enough to witness in person. My friend Teresa and I knew we saw something pretty incredible that day.

Anyway - just wanted to say it's always good to read about or witness events that are uplifting such as these. Events that show the human spirit at its' best certainly aren't limited to sports. Too bad our political system never even comes close to producing moments such as these. I have to say Al Gore's concession speech in the 2000 election was a rare moment of class in politics and political history, though certainly what lead up to that concession speech was pretty much like a spoiled child trying to get their way. Okay - time to get off the soapbox...

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