Sunday, June 22, 2008

The More You Know - The More You Don't Know - Don't Ya Know

I sometimes wish I was in my 20s during this time...but only for one reason. Photographic Technology and Information. With the digital age, there is so much information on everything photography related and a lot of it is FREE! It amazes me, and awakens the desire to learn and do more. I now understand much better what typically goes into most of the photographs that I admire.

Now when I look at my pictures, I look to see if there is a photograph there. Does the picture tell a story, evoke an emotion, or provide a depth beyond 2D. I've come to the conclusion I shoot snaps, once in awhile a photograph, and I can make my snaps look a little "snappier" with the aid of digital darkroom techniques. I am coming to terms with that. Sadly, but I am. The more I learn, the more critical of my pics I have become and very few evoke the "I really like that" phrase from me.. I am a bit depressed over this.

I don't have small children (or any children for that matter) hanging around. So much of photography is practice and small kids can make such great subjects. So I shoot Mattie and the cats (yes I will post on the cats soon) the cabin, flowers etc., all the while trying to improve technique. But I just can't seem to get the emotion to come through the pic. Cap'n Steve isn't a whole lot a help, though sometimes he can be a kid himself.
I take that back - I do have a small child.


The Jillybean said...

Girl you just let me know when you want some practice on kids. I have an 11 year old that my body needs an occassionally rest from...LOL. And I have a 17 year old that my ears need an occassional rest from.

North Georgia Gal said...