Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Fashionable yet Comfortable Recommendation

Okay - I am not known for keeping up on the latest fashions.. I live in the middle of nowhere and combine that with that "woman of a certain age" and well you may want to take this rec with a grain of salt... but believe me - when I find something great - I love to share.. Teva flip flops with the Mush footbed..

Just about everyone who has tried these flip flops loves them.. they are so light - but the sole is made out of something that is difficult to describe - sort of like walking on air.. (but it has arch supports built in)..and they are 13 bucks - granted you do pay shipping - so make that 16 bucks or so with shipping. And believe me they last - I have worn them continuously for the last 3 months and around here that means walking on gravel driveways - yard adventures and all around town (what little we have) - They are the first thing I put on in the morning to take the dogs out and they are just about the last thing I take off. I have a pair down at the Hudson house too... so if you are looking to treat yourself for a minimal amount - these are great - granted I have never tried the crocks that I know a lot of people are swearing by - but these are so inexpensive - I don't think you can go wrong..

I order them from Sierra Trading Post.. if you aren't familiar with them - they are a pretty good outlet.. they have everything from housewares to outdoor gear and stuff in between... they will bombard you with catalogs - so beware... but we have had great service and deals from them for the last 10 years - and they are easy to deal with when you need to return stuff.

Hope you order these - that you enjoy them and if you don't - well if you wear a 9 - I might buy them off ya!

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The Jillybean said...

Ohhh, I will definitely have to try these. I love flip flops anyway and swear by my Reefs, but these sound divine!