Thursday, July 24, 2008

Love, The Second Time Around

My Aunt and Ira are coming to visit for the next couple of days. She and her husband Ira are an inspiration. They were married in 2006 after both had lost their spouses. They have spent the last two years traveling and seem to be enjoying themselves so very much.

I love this picture of them. I had my camera for all of a month when I shot pictures of their wedding. That is the day I developed a very healthy respect for wedding photographers and I follow several wedding photographer blogs for inspiration. I will sound like a broken record here, but I just don't have many people to practice on and practice makes perfect... and I am too shy to just shoot people randomly in the streets. I don't want to be known as that crazy woman with the camera.. Our town has only 1 stop sign and 1 traffic I could easily be spotted and "tagged".

We seem to have a bit of a break in the weather here, actually feels like North Georgia again, so hopefully we can get out and I can show them a bit of our little corner of the world without all of us dripping in sweat..

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