Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm No Martha Stewart

Having a bit more company this weekend than last. 8 people.. Which is fine except that we don't have more than 6 plates/wine glasses and not to mention we can't sleep more than 4 very comfortabley, which is one reason for the guest quarters. But I guess my friends (more on MY friends vs Cap'n Steve's friends in another post) finally got tired of waiting on the guest quarters and decided this is the right time to visit. Which is too bad in a way because the quest quarters are just a couple of weeks away from being completed.. Hooray!..

So back to my Martha Stewart comment. I am no pro at cooking/nesting/entertaining and don't really spend a lot of time fretting over it... but luckily my friends all realize this and still like me.. I feel lucky..I used to go all manic when we have company - I mean really bad - drove Cap'n Steve up the wall.. I have learned to relax a lot and it makes for a much more enjoyable time for me...(and Cap'n Steve). I usually try to do the food a day in advance (even when my guests graciously bring goodies) and then I usually run the vacuum the morning of the day of arrival... with 5 animals and living on the river bank with lots of sand, it's always a losing battle - but at least it helps initially.

This time of year our gladiolas are blooming which is a treat - at least for us. But somewhere recently I heard them referred to as funeral flowers and now I can't get that phrase out of my head and as I look around at them all over the house I can't help but think about that phrase... ticks me off.. I shot these yesterday very quickly with the P&S (and it shows) but the colors or pretty true - very brilliant with a preponderance of white gladiolas this year I have these spread all throughout the cabin.. in fact I need to go tend to them and make sure they look fresh for company.. It will be a fun group - lots of laughs and lots of good discussion - I am looking forward to it..

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I love, love those flowers - I think of them
as 'happy' flowers, if anything,
carnations or roses for the funeral.
They are gorgeous. Get that thought out of your head.

Funeral flowers, pfft. First time reader from PW, as I'm reading the fascinating what ifs and am thrilled that your Cptn Steve
read that ad and responded.

I'll be back to read more, I think I'm almost finished at l4l8
comments over there:)