Sunday, July 27, 2008

Odds and Ends

It's getting toward the end of the Gladiolas.. I have enjoyed them so much. I thought I would share these two pictures.. I only had this one gladiola that had multicolor like this.. I thought it was beautiful. Wish I had more of these - Also I shot this around 9:00 am but the light was too harsh even then..

Also we are arranging for the carpet for the Guest Quarters today. So probably in the next few weeks we will be completely done. We are both looking forward to it. Cap'n Steve is definitely ready to move on. He is talking furniture making and I am encouraging it so that should keep him occupied and not driving me crazy! He did rebuild our back steps earlier this spring. Our BC, Lass, is to the point that she has problems going up stairs. These back steps were starting to give her fits. I couldn't pick her up and carry her up/down like I did with the corgis as they became unable to negotiate them so Cap'n Steve redesigned them to be wider and smaller rise. We just put the outdoor carpet on them this week as Lass was really starting to slip. Mattie, my ham, is modeling them for us. Lass is definitely a camera shy BC.. I have come to the conclusion it is the infrared focusing that makes her uncomfortable...

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