Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sad Times

The Passing of a Beloved Companion

Miss Lass 12/21/93 – 08/01/08

Our Miss Lass came to us in late 1998 by way of Appalachian Mountain Border Collie Rescue. Everyone thought she was about 2 years old when we adopted her, but to our surprise, when we obtained her ABCA registration, she was 5 years old. She was a sweet animal from the beginning, but definitely had some idiosyncrasies. She did not know what toys or treats were and had no desire for the Frisbee or thrown tennis balls. We tried her in agility and she was not enthused. She did not seem interested in herding. She grew to love treats, but never developed an interest in any of the "normal" dog activities. She was smart and did well with obedience training. She tolerated the cats, and preferred to spend her time jumping at the grass and barking. We came to refer to this activity as herding bugs. She loved to be sprayed with the hose.

I mentioned that she was sweet. She was a gentle dog with soft eyes and would let you do just about anything to her up until she was around 12 or so, and like most of us, she started to get a bit cranky as she got older. She used to love to have her back scratched and would gladly sit for you as you rubbed or brushed her back. She also loved her rides. Every errand that we ran, weather and time permitting, she was along for the ride.
She was very much loved by us and she will forever remain in our hearts.
Lass, we hope that we have helped you to go gently into that dark night and that there are no more thunderstorms and only beautiful warm sunny days with cool breezes.
We love you very much.

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