Saturday, August 23, 2008

Do Cats Rule (and dogs drool)? Queen Kiki

Cats seem to find a way into our home. Cap'n Steve never had a cat before he met me. I grew up with dogs - no cats around.. but somehow cats made their way into my life around 1984 or so and there always seems to be one (or several)who call my/our place "home" since then. I have much more fun naming cats..Casper and Coolwhip (aka cocaine and speedball) were the first cats in 1984 - white fluffy things. Then came Ike and Tina from my friends Allen and Linda's litter of Martha and the Vandellas. Currently we are owned by three cats. Kiki, The Squeek, and Mo.

Kiki - she came to us in the fall of '97. She was a tiny kitten who literally threw herself at our door. She picked a house with 3 dogs, how smart is that? Actually she is pretty smart. She immediately took up residence with Cap'n Steve and Chris. I had just had surgery to reconnect a severed achilles and was in no shape to tend to a new kitten. She became best friends with our dogs and to this day she still loves on Mattie ( who was about 6 months old when Kiki showed up) Kiki was the one animal that took it the hardest when Tucker (numero uno corgi) died. She moped around here for a good while. They were best buds for sure and while I had heard that animals could go into depression when a loved one dies (human or 4-footed) I had never seen it. She used to be indoor/outdoor and was pretty aloof - but since moving to the cabin full time we converted her into a house kitty. She seems to love it and has adjusted wonderfully. She has become a very sweet kitty and when she wants to sit on you - you feel very honored and special. Cat's are funny that way. When they pay you attention, you feel so honored, dogs on the other hand, typically garner affection from whatever hand is available at the time to pet or give them treats.

Kiki is also my work buddy, and has been for years. What is it about some cats and computers? Debra also has some cats that love to "help" her work..

Here's Kiki hard on the job since 2000!

And still likes to give pointers - spring 2008


~Mad said...

Beautiful - just beautiful! I love the closeup and her eyes.
They are such regal creatures, are they not?


Ms Calabaza said...

Like your blog. I'm definitely a dog person but have to give you credit on the the great pictures!
Thanks for visiting me ... I'll be coming back here, for sure.

North Georgia Gal said...

Hi mad,
I love cat eyes in closeup too - they are wonderful.. and regal is the correct adjective for cats - the ancient Egyptians certainly recognized it..although our Mo is more dufus than regal (he is still a kitten) he will be profiled shortly