Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gulfport, Santa Barbara,Hazelwood,Mpls, Huntsville,Atlanta

During my school years I went to 9 schools between 1st and 11th grades. I continued this pattern in college and went to 3 colleges during a 4 year period. My Dad was a contract engineer and we moved every couple of years following defense and aerospace contracts. When we got to St. Louis (Hazelwood) I had found a home and I didn't want to leave but that was not going to happen and after 2.5 blissful years there I managed to squeeze in 2 more schools before taking early graduation and heading off to college.

We are just about ready to carpet the Guest Quarters and I have been cleaning out things I should never have moved (6 years ago)from our home in Atlanta (Tucker area). I am on my last box.. my personal box.. memorabilia from when I was 6 years old to college. It's not a big box - so I can afford to let it be - but going down memory lane these last couple of nights I wonder.. Do I need to throw this away so when I croak - nobody needs to do it for me... or is there some sort of hidden art work in here that I just don't see.. I have autograph books from when I was 6-12yo with autographs from teachers and friends of all the schools I had been in at that time (4) - I have my girl scout sash and badges I never sewed on (and there's a sewing badge in there - the irony!)because we moved and I never rejoined.. There are pictures of some family vacations and weekend camping trips taken in 1968, that show no promise of a budding artist photographer...There's a picture of my first best friend, Janie Hastings, and me taken right before she moved. I was so sad to see her go...we were all of 7 or so. I have notes written by friends and boyfriends from Jr. High when writing notes was the thing to do. I have the note from the then boyfriend, breaking up with me, the first time I was ever dumped.. I also have a stack of letters from friends who wrote to me and tried to keep up with my travels after I left Hazelwood..but life moves on.

Do I keep this little time machine.. and pull it out and look at it every 10 years or so? Cap'n Steve, who is no hoarder of sentimentality, surprisingly votes yes.

Some Samples: Remember you can click on any picture in my blog to see a larger size.

Camping late fall, Minnesota - circa 1968 - I would keep this because my mom refuses to have her picture made and this is a rare find indeed! Hey Bossy, We were the original Tent Trailer Campers - LOL

Best Friends - circa 1966 - Huntsville, Al.


Anonymous said...

Oooh - I wish I had old notes still... I can relate to all the school changing and moving. My mother was constantly changin her mind and as a result we moved 21 times in 7 years! I was the new kid in school more times than I can count. I also went to 3 different colleges. I just moved into a home my husband and I built about a year ago and it is strange to think I will be here for a very long time! I am looking forward to it though.

Beekie said...

Morgan - I didn't know you played the guitar! We need a little concert next time I come up!! So great to see you this weekend.